How to change reactions of an object based on what it collides with?

I have a character holding a sword that is its own object with a collision box, how can I set it up so that playing a sword swing montage swings the sword with its own collision box and reacts differently to what it hits, such as playing a recoil animation and particle effects if it hits a static object, a custom “kill” animation if the next hit will deplete the character I am hitting’s last health, or another custom animation if it hits a shield? Might be simple but I still struggle with montages.

You will want to use Cast To nodes. For example:

  • Sword Actor- OnHit Event > Cast to Enemy Class > Apply Damage = Sword Damage
  • Cast to Enemy Class Failed > Cast to Wall Object > Play “Clang” Sound > Play “Sparks” Particle Effect
  • Cast to Wall Object Failed > Play “Wiff” Sound