How to change raw meat healing rate only for dinos?

Hi there!

I tried to change the heal amount of raw meat only for dinos but I can’t find the settings in the devkit. A lot of searching in the web could not help me so far, I hope someone can help me over here.

The only thing I have found is the amount for the player in food and health:
But where is the setting for dinos? (the vanilla heal amount of raw meat is 5 health for dinos)

I hope someone can help me, thanks! :slight_smile:

Every dino has a DinoSettingsClass, in there you will find FoodEffectivenessMultipliers and ExtraFoodEffectivenessMultipliers. They specify taming and normal food values, and they also contain HealthEffectivenessMultiplier which multiplies raw meat health by -1 by default (i think).

Thank you very much for your reply and your help!
Unfortunately I would have to change all the carnivore classes to make it possible, and because the devkit is not up-to-date for Scorched Earth I could not change that for the new dinos. :confused:

Furthermore only new spawned dinos would be affected right?

The game doesn’t serialize DinoSettings stuff so it should affect existing dinos too. But yes, you would probably have to modify all carnivores.

I’m kind of a noob with the devkit, mainly using it to extract data from ark. Maybe someone else knows of a way to do this.

Thanks man, I’ll try it out. If it works for existing dinos maybe I’ll wait for the SE devkit update. :slight_smile: