How to change project and map names?

Hey guys, I’m using Mitch’s UE4 First Person Rift Template 0.3 for a small VR demo, and I just used his Example_Map (deleted most environment actors, and imported mine).

Everything is working as expected, but now I can’t seem to change the project name (TP_BPFirstPersonRift) or the map name (Example_Map).
Is there any way of doing this?

Just do a right click onto the map in your content folder -> rename -> type in new name

Hi Luis,

Changing the map should be simple enough as Fighter pointed out.

There are two methods that I’m aware of that will allow you to rename a project:

  1. Create a clone of your project and title it there. Then delete the original.
  2. You can dig into the information below by changing some files names manually in the documents folder.

Method #2

You’ll need to go to the documents folder where your projects are saved.

Here you’ll want to change the folder name (this is only cosmetic and for you to find it easily. As this change will not affect anything) to a new name
Open this folder and change the “Project file” name (the blue icon, reference image)

Next you’ll want to open the Config folder > DefaultEngine text file.

Where it says GameName = (name of project) < change this to exactly match what you changed the project file name to.

This will change your project to open up as the new project name. If you do not name these the same they will not open.

To see the change in the Launcher you’ll need to close it and re-open it to load in the new name.

If you have any questions let me know.


Will there ever be a convenient menu option to do this? I foresee it being used quite commonly.

I’ve reached out to one of the developers working on the Launcher to see if this is something that is on their roadmap. I’ve not heard back yet, but when I do I’ll update this thread when I know something more.


Yes this is definitely something on our roadmap! :slight_smile:

As is likely consolidating some of the features between the in-editor project browser and the launcher’s “My Projects”.

Tim’s correct in that those are the best ways to currently rename projects. Note that if you’re renaming the project manually via method 2, and you also have source code in your project, you’ll also need to update the “IMPLEMENT_PRIMARY_GAME_MODULE” string. Using the clone feature in the launcher is probably easier.

Hi… this doesnt work for C++ projects… it will say that the newname target is missing… If you hit compile button.

Perhaps you can ensure everything in the game that can be named to be parameterized, so they can be changed easily at anytime and at runtime via Blueprint.

Hey a quick shoutout to anyone who saw this post and is trying to change their project names through Method #2 as mentioned above, DON’T DO IT!

It caused a bunch of issues in terms of building the project from source from that point onwards. It might be fine for non C++ projects, but heavens knows that even in that situation, it causes a disconnect between a lot of build and target files and the project itself.

TL;DR: Don’t try to rename code projects, it will end badly. Thankfully I had a not too old backup of my project build files.

EDIT : Or use the method described here.