How to change player model in-game

I’m making druid class for my game, his ability is transforming to lion and snake. How to change a human model with a lion model and back when i press, for examle, Q?

I’m facing a similar issue, from what I found for now you can start by doing this :

But I’m stuck with animations, searching a Solution :confused:

Yup, just as azagwen said “Set skeletal mesh” node will help you. To change animation you have to use “Set Anim Instance Class” if you use animation blueprints. “Set animation mode” is not necessary in most cases cause it is used when your animation is not set to use animation blueprints and you want to use blueprints.

oh, I should really search deeper by myself lol

I didn’t really understand what you mean’t describing the roles of set animation mode" and “set anim instance class”

do you have clearer Explanations ?

In most cases to use animations with a skeletal mesh in UE4 you use animation blueprints. When you change the skeletal mesh you’ll need to be sure that the animation blueprint also works with the new mesh. If the old one doesn’t work, you make another animation blueprint that works with it, and to set the new one you use:
“set anim instance class”

If you use basic animations - you use animation assets. They are good to use with assets that have a few animations and you are too lazy to make a proper animation BP for it (like a working fan). And in cases when you’ll want to change between animation blueprints and animation assets you use “Set animation mode”. (the character was a mimic and was pretending to be a fan with a single animation asset, and then transformed to a walking monster with animation blueprint)

It works !

thousands thanks Felix !

I hope this thread will help others with this.

You used “set animation” instead of “set anim instance class”

With “Animation mode: Use animation blueprint” you need to use “set anim instance class” (complex animations like characters)

With “Animation mode: Use animation asset” you need to use “set animation”
(basic animations like door opening)

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