How to change Pawn audio (in and out)? (player start)


I’m looking for the possibility to change the audio when the character start to play and, also, when he exits.
I mean, when I click the “PLAY” button, I heard a sound effect. I want to change with a new, soft, effect. Or, maybe, nothing.
Is it possible? =)


From what I understand, I think I have to change these sounds inside the “Project”. Is it correct?
PS: UE4 it’s very complex, with a few resources… =(

For example, if I open the default scenes (Advanced_Lighting, Minimal_Default and StarterMap), when I press “PLAY”, the sound is different!
But I’m not able to understand how to change it! No BP, no Cue, no sound… I don’t know what to do. I searched on forum and everywhere…

a new step: these audio files are located in

Engine Content -> EditorSounds->GamePreview.

Ok, I discovered now that, when you create the .exe file, there isn’t any sound. And I prefer this.
But, my question is still valid =)