How to change particle parameters with matinee/blueprints?

I have been trying to create a particle effect that changes its colour from red to blue (for example) when i enter in a trigger box.
In this particle there is an emitter with the option “initial colour”.
In the Distribution of “initial colour” (under start color) i choose “DistributionVectorParticleParameter”
and assign the name “ChangeColour” to it. In Constant the values are X1 Y0 Z0 (This is red).
But i don´t know what blueprints I have to use to change to set X0 Y0 Z1.
Set Vector parameter? Doesn´t work for me. Set float parameter?

Thanks for your help

I’m here looking for the answer to this, i think it has something to do with the Instance parameters in the options found for the particle system on the components tab, so far no good.

Use a set color parameter, you put the same name you gave to the DistributionVectorParticleParameter, and from Param you plug a make linearColor.

I just made it and it works, hope this helps :slight_smile:

If you want to change e.g. the RATE of a particle system via MATINEE, i just did a small tutorial:

iLegacy’s small tutorial is basically the same process to extend to blue print as well. In my circumstance, I was trying to set the alpha. In that case, you need to use a “Set Float Parameter” instead of "Set Vector Parameter’. Just make sure you pay attention to whether you’re trying to change a scalar or a vector.