How to change particle effects, decals, and sounds for when my custom structure is damaged?

Hi, my mod is nearly complete and adds a whole new set of base structures. I’m really happy with how they look and work for the most part, but one detail still remains unfinished: The effects that appear when the structures are damaged still seems to be descended from their parent blueprints (A mix of thatch, wood and stone pieces). For example my Foundation piece, which is not made of stone, still gets a stone damage decal and has stone particle effects fly off of it when punched, also sounds like stone being punched. I don’t see where these effects are specified within the structure blueprint. I do see the “Structure Settings” drop-down which points to StructureSettings_BrokenByMetal, and in that blueprint I see that you can set modifiers for different “Damage Type” blueprints and that some of these Damage Types specify effects for different materials. But there are tons of these and they’re used by all the other in-game structures so it would be pointless to modify them. So I think I’m snooping down the wrong path…

So in summary… Can anyone tell me how to change my structure’s impact effects?

From what I’ve seen there’s Hurt FX and Death Sound.

That’s all I can think of right now as it’s 5.30am Christmas Day, so I’m going to bed. When I wake up I’ll see if there’s anything else I missed.


Yup, already have a custom Hurt FX and Death Sound. The Hurt FX doesn’t seem to change anything as far as I can tell, while Death Sound does but isn’t what I’m looking for. From New York to Australia, good morning and good night!