How to change of camera from the character to a camera attached on an actor


Im pretty new on unreal engine and i try to learn to do stuff by my own im some slowly but i try to be effeciency so enought to spoke of me and let’s expose my problem; i work on a vending machine nothings extroardinarry in that but i would do somethings when the player is choose what he want a camera will zoom on the button of machines and some information will be noticed in future about price nutritive value and some other features . The problemes here is how to switch the view from the player character to the vending machine actor camera , i searched some long and all intels i found was about camera actor and controlled by the level BP, here i need to control the camera already integrated in the dispenser machine.

here the vending machine

Thx to anyone answer im really stuck so im came here in last chance for help and maybe a solution

Sorry for my bad english , greetings from france.

Use “Set View Target With Blend” node. Should do the trick.

Hi , First thx for your answer i really apreciate it

I already tried to set view target with blend and casted the camera of the vending machine and nothings happen the cast seems not work , somethings confort me is when i try to use the node “Set active” and to turn off the actual camera of player and to turn on the vending machine camera nothings happen too (not exactly in fact , the active camera is turned off so the view is reset on the 0,0,0 of character Bp so the view is in the mesh , and for me that mean a bad cast or somethings ) so i ask myself how to do cause it’s really seems a bad cast ,for cast i use the" get all actor of cast" after a "get a copy " followed by the “Cast to (VendingmachineBp)” so it is the right way to get the vending machine camera or someone now a better idea ?