How to change my e-mail adress ?

Hi, I’ve registered with a hotmail account that now appears to be blocked. I’ve been using my gmail account for a while, but I’ve registered with an oldest one in hotmail. How can i change it? Thanks for your time and sorry for my english, not my native language!

Here you go: How do I change the email address on my account? Cheers

hello are you on?

Ok i need help changing my account associated with my unreal account to another email. I can’t currently change it because of the fact that the email box is greyed out

“Don’t post the customer service link”
the reason i say this is because all it does is send me to my account which with then defeat the purpose plus the need help link takes me to the customer service link then once again it just takes me back to my account thus putting me and anyone else having trouble in a infinite link cycle that gets nothing done other than opening more tabs on your browser.