How to change metahuman lipstick color parameter

Hi everyone! I’m wondering if there is anyway to target metahumans makeup (i.e. change the lipstick color ). I feel like a vector parameter is the way to go, but I can’t seem to target just the lipstick color.

I know there is a lipstick parameter in the face material. My goal is to try and change the lipstick in-game with a button click. In that way, I was trying to figure out how to target the lipstick color in blueprints so that I could connect that to a button click?

I’m sure it’s probably simple, but I’m a newb. Hopefully I explained myself alright.

Any advice?

Hey @ForeverAutumn

you can create an event inside your MetaHuman like this:

and if you have a reference to your MetaHuman you can call this event and change the color.

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I knew there was a simple fix, but I could not figure it out. Thank you, genius. I can rest easy now!