How to change linear damping ontick?

Hi, iam working on a simple ball game with physics, but i want a custom linear damping like this:

It works fine, but its not framerate independent. I was trying to multiply the return value with deltaTime, but the ball dont stop at the same position with different fps values.
So how could i do that?

Hey @NeoJones! I think you had the right idea off the bat, multiplying by DeltaTime is the standard method. That said, if the movement is still handled entirely by ticks you’ll still get mixed results.

So an example I had on hand of how I use this from time to time in movements. That said if you’re using pure physics this is probably moot, but could inform you on how to apply DT here.

Thank you. But i also got other problems like bouncing. In the end i decided to do everything without physics and move the ball manually. I get much better results. I also can change the damping with deltaTime without any problems.
I think, the physics is great for other projects, but for this project its not precise enough and to much problems.

I understand! I heard “rolling ball” and my brain went straight to Super Monkey Ball.

All fine, its a pool game :smiley: Also the sweep helps me a lot with the bouncing problems.