How to change image widget with a value input

Thank you for your reply, I have a concept image of what I want to achieve, looking at the set of arrays that makes complete sense thank you.

Would this all be in the level blueprint in order for me to change them with values or part of the widget in order for the values to change the cards.

Thanks again!

Thank you again for all of this, moving onto the text section now, when begining the game. Connecting the text inputs to show the cards, is that just me adding a EditableText input into the widget, then connecting that to the variables in the widget graph editor, or is there an easier method for this. Still quite new to blueprinting with widgets

If it was to put the correct names in there, how would I go about it in the blueprint? Because it would be me as the operator controlling the game so I would need to input them fast rather than scroll through a list of 52 names etc… and if you see in the concept image I placed, it would just be a matter of click a button after the input to confirm your selection, then revealing the card if everything is correct which would most likely be an animation transition.

Hi there,
Currently working a live poker game, and was looking for suggestions on how I will go about on making cards display on a widget, but I can edit which cards are being displayed by inputting a number value, so for example if the cards are on the screen, I can edit the cards incase the player changes their hand, so it would go from 4 of Hearts to a 9 of Clubs if I were to just write a number like 9C and click change. I know this is possible because its very similar to having a weapon widget image change depending on what weapon you have but wanted to know how to do so with writing your own inputs in to change the card. It would be 4 suits so 4 arrays with 13 arrays each so in total 52 cards. I’ve looked around and realised it something to do with set brush from texture but can’t find anything else. Would be really helpful to understand how to go about it. Thank you!

yes, you are right. You can change the image on your widget using Set Brush from texture.

I recomend you to use an array of textures so you only need to pass the id of the card you need.
Here you got an example:

Of couse this is only an example on the begin play event. You need to have a reference to your widget and then get the reference to the image inside.

Well. the mechanics of the card can be wherever you want. in the level blueprint. or controller blueprint. or character blueprint. Even inside the widget. The key is just reference to the correct object and the correct subobject from where you are.
When you create an add to viewport your widget, promote it as a variable, so later you can reference him to change the images inside.

To store the cards images asociated to his name you can use aswell a varyable type “map”:

Let the player write the cards name in the input text is a dangerous thing. You need to be sure they use the correct name. The best solution can be create a enumeration, with all the cards name, so they can chose the correct one form a list with the names already there.

Well then, you only need to get the resoult of th eimput text box and use it in the “get” from the map. where all the names and textures are.