How To Change Image Based on InputAction Event

I am using a player pawn. can you guide me on how to activate an image when an action button is pressed, i cant seem to make visibility work for my case. All help will be appreciated!

Is this a widget image? Can you show what you’re doing?

here is the user widget designer tab:

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I want the jet image to appear for a few seconds when the player wants extra speed. The clock is for situations where the player gets additional time.

i cant seem to make visibility work for my case

I meant what you’re already trying to do with the image and player inputs?

  • What class creates the widget, character, controller, something else?
  • How do you access the created widget when you want to change image visibility?
  • What function are you calling to change visibility?

i am creating the widget from the level blueprint and am using the default player controller.

Here’s my blueprint:

and here’s the viability graph code:

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