How to change hotkeys for viewport ?

Since I work a lot in Blender and Radiant (level editor), I am used to having 1 viewport where I can cycle views. Luckily for me both Blender and Radiant have Ctrl + Tab hotkey to cycle between 3D view and ortho views. Blender also has numpad keys to switch between views/3D.

I am looking into UE4 docs here: Viewport Basics | Unreal Engine Documentation and it seems bizarre to have all different keys to switch between views. I’d understand if you had Alt + T for Top for example, but keys don’t even represent names of the views :confused:

Is there any way to either customize keys and have them on the numpad, or somehow have Ctrl + Tab to cycle between them ?


Didn’t expect this kind of question will not be getting any comments/answers :confused:

Bumping this one up. It really shouldn’t be that hard to such functionality to 4.11 :confused:

I found this old question because I, myself was looking for this.

The answer is to open - Edit (the dropdown) - Editor Preferences and choose Keyboard Shortcuts on the left. Now the easiest way to find the command is to use the filter up at the top but if you want to dig, these commands are in “Common Viewport Commands”. Personally, I just type in “right” “top” etc.

Once you find the command, just click in the Binding field at the right and enter a new shortcut (i.e. for a Blender feel, I used 1 for front, 3 for right, 7 for top).

Now to look “through” or “pilot” a camera (or even a light), you would normally use CNTRL + Shift + P but you could set that to 0 (like Blender camera). Just filter for “pilot” and you will find that binding in Level Viewports.

Hope this helps!