How to change height in your texture

how can I get height in my texture? The self like this picture.

thank you. but do you know how to get the stone’s Pop up from the dirt?

Do you know how he did this? with the height.

I give you a good tutorial link about advanced graphics tecs.

There are a lot of these tutorials available on the web anyway.

Diaplacement, tessellation, height maps and normal maps, occlusion.

You need to learn very well all those features to get such results.

The tutorial I provided you is very interesting.
You’ll find also the part that explain how to make things pop out of the surface.

It’s impossible to explain in some lines, you should read the ue4 documentation sections about the previous keywords (hint:read all the documentation again and again, always) and watch tutorials.

Again, the tutorial I provided you is a good walkthrough through these graphics features. Watch it and pay attention!