How to change gravity via Blueprints?

We can change gravity via the World Settings, but how to change it via Blueprints?

Necro bump.

no you cant i guess, you can access and get settings

but world settings is not really accessable from blueprint, so better if you do a c++ blueprint function library and im sure from c++ you can modify that

you need to get the character movement component to be able to change the gravity scale. sadly as far as i know there isnt a way to change the gravity direction without either faking it with custom script or changing the engine files.

Unreal Dev team already said they are not going to fix the gravity direction problem… if you can create a youtube tutorial for carácter planetary gravity, please do, it will be much appreciated :slight_smile: because until now, ther is only pawn tutrials… please make a carácter tutorial… please!