How to change games culture without restart in UE 4.11?


I found a lot of questions on this problem, but solution, that suggested in those answers, doesn’t work for me.

I tried


but it doesn’t solved my problem. Console command


also doesn’t helped me.

How to change culture in UE 4.11 in game runtime, without restart?

Thank you!

P.S. Hi! Re-initialization of the widgets not solved the problem…


It still showing texts in “en” culture. But if I restart game with -culture=ru-RU - it showing texts in needed culture, ie my translation works correctly.

Level re-opening also not solved the problem:


This should work fine, our own games use this internally to update their cultures on the fly.

What cultures do you have available in your Content/Localization folder?

You can also take a look in FTextLocalizationManager::OnCultureChanged, as this is what should be triggered when the culture is changed, and takes care of loading in the new translations.

still, without restart, the change culture don’t work!