How to change game camera in widget blueprint?

So I have created a sort of 3D menu, where there are 4 3D widgets placed around a 3D environment, and when you press a button on the first widget, it should change camera and that camera is on a movement track to another section of the level with the second 3D widget, so the player can then access that 3D menu instead.

So far I have all the 3D widgets laid out, and the main camera which the player sees from when the game starts. I have a second camera in the same position as the first, but this one is attached to a matinee that moves it across the level when played. Only thing is I don’t know how to make the camera move (or change to the moving camera) once the player clicks on a button from the first 3D menu.

I’m not a complete beginner but would appreciate an “easy to understand” explanation!
Thanks in advance!

Can someone please answer this. I too need to know

You have SetViewTargetWithBlend node, so the camera will smoothly move to the new camera position (when BlendTime > 0). I guess your input is your button clicked.