How to change from a static camera to a character component camera?

Hi. I’ve been having trouble writing a blueprint to change between static level cameras and the camera component i have set inside my character’s blueprint.
The thing is i have some levels inside of which i want to use a static camera set inside the level instead of the camera of the character, but using the [Set View Target with Blend][1] node doesn’t allow me to do so because it requires the camera to be actors instead of components. So I can change between the static ones but I can’t go back to my original one and haven’t been able to figure out how to trick this out. Any clues?
Here’s a screenshot of what i have so far inside the level blueprint. Maybe it isn’t even the best place to write that? Thank you in advance!

Blend back by making the player actor the blend target. So GetPlayerCharacter and use that as the target.

Thanks! It was really simple but that’s one of those concept things that if you don’t know, they crumble you up! Didn’t know you could use the actor itself as the blend like that. Thanks!