How to change FPS cap in a packaged game?

In our project we use the default (smooth) FPS cap of 62 frames. That’s working fine, but one of our customers (on Steam) asked us whether he can increase that cap to a higher number. I don’t want to change it for the whole project and re-package and re-distribute it on Steam. So I am looking for a solution that user can implement on his own, e.g. via config files.

I found this link above, which seems to be what we are looking for. However, in the packaged game distributed via Steam there is no DefaultEngine.ini file to modify. I can only see the folder “\WindowsUser\AppData\Local<Project>\Saved\Config”, in which several .ini files are, but not the DefaultEngine.ini file. So I tried to add the following lines to the Engine.ini file that is there:


But that has no effect when I start the game after I made the change. I also tried to create the DefaultEngine.ini by hand and add these lines manually, but also without luck.

Any ideas what one can do in order to change the FPS cap of a packaged game (distributed via Steam)?

I know there is a console command to adjust framerate as well as a blueprint node for doing so. If you make it so the setting is being saved to game user settings they could open that file and change it. The blueprint nodes will be set and get frame rate limit. Will be under settings in the pallete. Also refer to this How do I set a FPS limit on a packaged game? - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums

Yeah it seems I need to manually include such a feature into the game.
I was hoping there would be a way built into to the engine without manual work :slight_smile: