How to change forum design to dark again?

Hello, something happened and I started to see white theme instead of a dark theme on the forums, can’t find the settings where to change it back to dark and I did not get why it has switched to the default theme, was this forum got hacked or maybe my settings in cookies or somewhere were deleted.

The forum was downgraded to VB 5 with zero testing, the dark theme does not exist anymore.

There’s a custom theme for stylish to kind of fix it:…alforums-theme

Yeah, we need an dark theme for the UE4 forum, it kinnda hurt my eye while looking at those white BG

Yes, all links from google are broken, links from documentations are broken, all of them who have a direct link to some forum threads, I had my bookmarks all dead, I did not understand why probablyt someone hacked the forum and captured all private data and messages and selling it somewhere in the dark internet.
Thank you for link to new dark theme, it works good actually :slight_smile: