How to change Epic Launcher ProgramData folder location


I originally had the Epic Games Launcher installed installed on my boot drive, but when trying to create a City Project in UE5, I got a message that “There is not enough space at C:/ProgramData/Epic/EpicGamesLauncher/ValutCache/CitySample_5.0/data”. I made a copy of the UE5 folder and reinstalled the Epic Launcher to a different drive. I installed the UE5 folder in the new drive, and I can access all of my previous projects, but when trying to create a City Sample, the same message comes up. Some how the launcher is still attached to my C drive even though I changed the install location, and moved my Unreal folder over. I copied the ProgramData folder over to the new drive, and deleted the one in C, but it is regenerated every time I try to make a City Sample. I have been trying to figure this out for days. Can someone please help?


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Hello FuzzyTheWu, welcome to the Unreal community.

City Sample is quite in-depth and with that being said, the project is quite large. I would like to ask a few questions:

When you create a City Sample project, are you creating the project in your larger drive? I sometimes forget to change the default folder the projects want to create to when making a new project from the Launcher.

Are you interested in moving Unreal Engine to a new folder? If so, Ares9323 has some solid instructions along with PikaDERP who found a different solution.

I hope this helps

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yesterday I did move the Epic Games folder to the new drive. I had a copy of all my game and UE versions, so I just started the install of UE5 and moved the copied folder over so I didn’t have to wait for it to reinstall. I opened up some existing projects, and they all worked fine, but when trying to create a City Sample with its destination as the new drive, I still get the error. Epic seems to still have a connection to my C drive, as it is using my programdata folder, and I don’t want that. I tried moving the folder at the path listed above to the new drive, but it is unable to find it.

move your vaultcache to a different drive
its in the launcher settings
the city sample will take 100g of space in your vaultcache and another 100g+ in the project
you can literally move the vaultcache
then load the launcher and change the vaultcache location to the new one
bottom left of the launcher by your profile icon.
You can also move the vaultcache to an external
and just plug it in and restart the launcher when you need the files again.
You can also delete the contents of vaultcache
myself, I hate redownloading so I have it backed up


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I cannot believe that I overlooked the vault cache. I was there so many times :smiley: thanks.

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