How To Change Editor Camera Speed In Perspective View

Is there a way to change the speed of the camera movement when looking at a scene in perspective view? I can change the input mouse sensitivity, but that also affects game play.


Look at the top of the viewport where there’s all the icons for snapping. There’s a little camera icon with a number next to it. The higher the number means the faster the camera will be, meanwhile the lower the number the slower the camera will be. The icon is where the red circle is:


Got it. Thanks. Missed that. Now we need a max value to set in the editor.ini

Thanks! This made my day, almost got crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thankyou High , you even made a screenshot for us.

Is there a shortcut for adjusting this viewport camera speed?

If I recall correctly CTRL + Scroll Wheel will adjust it.

Hmm, not working, it just zooms in and out still.

My bad. It’s hold right mouse button and scroll wheel.

Tested to verify. How fast and how slow you can get is dependent on the camera speed setting.


Hold RMB + scroll wheel.

Man I must be having a stroke or something, that’s not working either. That actually doesn’t move anything at all! :confused:


Works for me. I simply hold down the right mouse and roll the scroll wheel. Backward decreases speed, forward increases speed.

For clarity it doesn’t change the camera speed value in the interface UI. As far as I’m aware it’s simply a multiplier effect.

There is a min/max for each speed though.

e.g. At 8 the max feels like 16, while the min feels like 4. Level 4 seems to have a range of 1-8


Oh okay. Well for some reason I’m not getting any functionality form that, however my big request is for some sort of shortcut to be implemented for changing the camera speed without having to go scroll over to the drop menu every time.

This setting only works in viewport. Doesn’t seem to work in gameplay mode ? I found default binding under Project Settings/Input for mouse speed but no settings for wasd speed setting? Do I need to create keybinding and adjust ? or there is already default setting for gameplay ?

This comment saved me, I’ve been staring at the speed value in the interface UI and wondering why it’s not shifting.

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oh god so true bro

Use the scroll wheel while detached during gameplay to change the speed.