How To Change Dino's Health?

For example, I am trying to create a custom Raptor Character Blueprint. There are a ton of settings in this blueprint, but I can’t seem to find the health setting. Am I blind or is it in another blueprint?

another BP, StatusBP of that dino

Thanks. How do I get my raptor to use my custom status component?

in your character_bp, go to component tab, delete the old status bp in there and add your status bp inside

Thanks again. Unfortunately you can’t edit inherited components, so my custom raptor has to be a copy of the Raptor Character BP instead of being a child of the Raptor Character BP.

Arent we suppose to be copying the BP instead of 'child’ing it cos all the tutorials i have read stated to make a copy.

It depends if you want your custom BPs to get any updates the Devs do to the base classes. For example if I make a BP that is a child of the Raptor Character BP and the devs make a change to Raptor Character BP, my custom raptor will get those changes.

Yup, that is true…