How to change default preview mesh for a skeleton

Hi, I’m using UE 4.19 and I have a character with some clothing pieces all rigged to the same skeleton. For a while now the preview mesh for all my animations changed to a piece of clothing rather than the character so every time I try to view my animations in engine I have to switch to the correct mesh.

Does anyone know how to change the default preview mesh? I tried changing the mesh listed as preview mesh in the Preview Scene Settings and applying to asset, but it just resets if I close out the editor.

Thanks in advanced for any help you can provide.

Any suggestions?

I’m having the same issue, I apply a preview mesh to skeleton asset, opening an animation asset seems to overwrite and pick a skeletal mesh at random. If I delete the skeletal mesh it’s defaulting to it picks another one at random. If I save the skeleton with the preview mesh I want applied, then close the editor, when I open the editor again, it wants me to apply the mesh to the asset again (the correct mesh is still shown in the picker, but the “Apply to Asset” button is back), and all animation assets are showing the random skeletal mesh again. Hope to hear an answer soon

This thread helped me out: How to set the animation preview mesh in 4.14 - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums

In 4.19 I went to Window > “Preview Scene Settings” in the animation, and re-set the mesh to the desired mesh, and then applied the asset there, and that seems to actually make the changes stick. UNFORTUNATELY this looks like you have to save it for every single asset… (more below image)

Alternatively I went to check out the Asset Bulk Edit panel, and it looks like there’s a slot to actually change the preview mesh, but it does not look like you can actually do anything with that entry. :\

The default preview mesh can be set on the skeleton, thankfully we don’t have to do it on every single asset.

Does anyone know how to make the “Preview Skeletal Mesh” editable in bulk, in either the Property Matrix like [USER=“602647”]Genna Zerzan[/USER] suggested, or another method? We have hundreds of animations using the same skeleton (but different meshes) and it’s a big pain to set all the animations to use the proper preview mesh.

Its a bit late I guess but you can do it this way:

Open an animation
Set the preview mesh
Apply to asset

Then in the asset browser of the animation window, select the animations you want to set the asset to and right click select, you will see the option “Set current preview mesh”

Screenshot 2020-10-07 105415.png

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hey take a look at this too , a new animation retargeting toolkit

The ultimate solution I found was to go to the skeleton, then navigate to preview scene settings and in there set the preview mesh to what you want and hit apply. This will apply the preview mesh to all of your animations instantly. :slight_smile:

WixZ is right.
And actually you can do it on multiple Anim Sequences at once by shift-selecting them in a Asset Browser tab → right-click → Set Current Preview Mesh (will apply whatever SK is currently previewed in Persona).

Note, this right-click option isn’t available for Montages, which is a riddle to me.
I’ve created a new post about it there:

Sorry for taking 5 years for responding, LOL