How to change country borders in BP

I’m making a strategy game that as times goes country’s borders change in political map.I use high light colors on the borders but I don’t know how to achieve the changes in BP. Can anybody hep me?

Hi Voidman,

Have you done anythingto show us or are you trying to do this from scratch?

If you at least have your material with the borders, I would recommend you to create a Material instance of your country borders material and then change the border parameter using the vertex of your mesh.

Thank you Alan.
Yes,I’m trying to do this from scratch and it’s my first time to make a game.I’m still learning a lot of things from tutorials so I may not understand what you said correctly but as far as I could imagine what you mean is that I could change what exact vertex of mesh is the border of two countries in BP and the material is set to these vertex so that we can see the change of borders.