How to change content in a blueprint automatically at a certain spot ingame?

So like for example, when you go to a certain spot and the blueprint automatically changes like: you go outside from a building and get able to jump and attack, but if you enter the building again you cant attack and jump, only walk
how to do this?
also would be helpful for skills upgrades like when you upgrade a certain skill the blueprint automatically makes new content and makes the attack available to use ( new attacks, jumps, etc… )

The general approach for anything like that is to use boolean flags for the abilities, and then checking the state of the applicable flag before actually executing anything. This means that you aren’t actually changing the content of the blueprint as such, but rather preventing or allowing certain parts of it to execute. The logic for all the abilities is already there, it’s just a matter of controlling the access.

For example, if (as suggested) you are only able to jump when your character is outdoors, you would add a boolean variable to your character blueprint named “IsAllowedToJump” or something like that. In the event graph, you would then branch off from the jump key input event and check if the variable is equal to true. If it is, then you call the appropriate jump function. If it isn’t, the jump code is simply never called.

To make this work in the level, one way would be to have trigger volumes on both sides of the door to the building. When the character walks through the volume just outside the door, the value of “IsAllowedToJump” is set to True. Conversely, when walking through the volume just inside of the door, the value is set to False instead. This should be sufficient for prototyping. In a full game where the character could technically spawn just about anywhere after loading a saved game for example, you probably want to refine this a bit, probably by adding serialization for the flags and so on.

But long story short: Everything should already be in the blueprint, use booleans to lock/unlock stuff, and check the value of them before deciding whether or not that special ability is allowed to execute.

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I understand few of the things you said but don’t know how exactly to do it , maybe few blueprint screenshots can help me on how to build it , also if you know how I can make the skills too, if there is some tutorial, like gaining exp and then opening a window with skills with videos showcasing what the skill does and if you have exact points (2 points per level up ) you can get a new attack or magic skill to use

Heaps of tutorials and marketplace assets that explain these things you need. In the learn tab on the epic games launcher use the search function in there and you can search through all the epic content and forum easily. Or you know, Google…