How to change compile directories?

I don’t have enough space on the partition Unreal is on for the engine and project files. So, I have my project on another partition. I want all project files to be on the same partition as my project, otherwise it causes maintenance issues for my computer. I figured out how to set the


to the project’s with,


But, still too much is getting spit out to the engine’s install directory.

There might be an easy way to change these settings in the editor. However, the project was first built on Windows, and I’m on Linux, and have to completely rebuild it in order to open it. From browsing through the documentation I believe I’m looking for a variable that has to be set in an ini file, but whatever that variable is is not in the documentation. Awhile back I was writing Unreal command line tab completion for zsh to improve documentation and ease of command line use, and there was a lot of stuff in there that just did nothing, the documentation was wrong, or the English description was grammatically confusing. So, it not being up there does not mean it does not exist.

Does anyone know which ini variables I need to edit to compile to the project’s intermediate folder and binary folder? Even knowing which files I should browse to find those variables would help.