How to change character rotation across network

I have just started messing around with networking in UE4 and I have started from the base third person blueprint game. I have set up the script to rotate the player controller based on mouse input and then set the actors rotation to the controller s rotation. The server sees everything fine, the client and the server rotate, but the client cannot see the server rotating.

I tried creating a replicated function, i tried all the different options (multicast, run on server, and run on client) and now I have it set up to set the controllers rotation to a variable and then on rep notify set the actors location to the variable. None of this has worked.

When I output the rotation I have noticed that on the client it always thinks the servers pawn has a rotation of 0 0 0 even when rotating the character on the servers instance.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have just started networking and i’m already at a road block.

Old question but I’ve been solving very similar problem for last 2 days and still don’t know how to make it work