How to change cell size in editor for world partition?

Do anyone know how change cell size in editor for World Partition? I know you can use commandlet when converting level, but is there any way to change for already existing level? The default 0.5km x0.5km is too big, and when I try to edit landscape, editor freeze for few seconds for every brush stroke because of all foliage recalculation. The parts where there is no foliage works much better.

World Settings → World Partition Setup → World Partition → RunTime Hash → RunTime Settings → Grids


Thank you


Assuming this is from World setting toolbar. I cannot find it there anymore.

If the mentioned settings is:

World Settings -> World Partition -> Runtime Settings -> Grid

I can change the grid cell size, but it seems it is only changes grid size and not the partition size.

I can still see a partition that is size of about 6 by 6 grid.

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