How to change cars color on "City Sample Vehicles"?


I could not change the color of the vehicle. I would love to get help.


Have the same issue but not sure how to fix it?

I recently discovered these assets and found how to change their colors.

  1. Double click the mesh in the content browser to open it.
  2. On the right window you’ll see lots of materials, you can click “isolate” to see which part the material is effecting. Double click the material when you found the one you need.
  3. In the material right side panel you’ll see on top “BaseColor” (If you don’t see it, untick the Paint Variation at the below, then it should show-up), tick that and change the color as you wish. It’s a material instance, so you’ll should be seeing the color change in the viewport right away.

That’s it. Good luck!