How to change camera rotation pitch with mouse wheel?

In hack n’ slash games the camera rotation pitch (vertical) is usualy proportional to the distance between the camera and player. For example, when zoom in with mouse wheel, then the picth decrease to a certain value and of course if zoom out, the camera rotation pitch increase to a value (for example from 0 to 45 degrees). Probably is something about of the springarm of the camera but i can’t figure out what.

If the camera is attached to a spring arm then yeah, you just add degrees to spring arm’s rotation with every mouse wheel up input and subtract with mouse wheel down.

I’m not sure i understand what the problem is. :\ What i understand is you want the pitch to stay at its minimum value when you reach the minimum length? If that’s the case you can check the pitch value after every input and then use a clamp node to limit that value.

Is not simple like you say. Let me explain; the spring arm maximum length is 300 and the minimum is 100, the maximum rotation pitch is 45 degrees and the minimum is 10 degrees. Now when I zoom in and reach the minimum length of the spring arm, then the pitch its should also the minimum and sane thing for the zoom out. Got it?

Ok for the logic but, how can i check (or in this case “get”) the pitch value of the spring arm? In the blueprint components i’ve set the spring arm pitch at 45 but when i hit play the camera pitch is 0 and this is another problem. For the mouse wheel i’ve solved for now (even if i don’t know how to stop the pitch at 45 degrees).

maybe thi image can explain better than my words. anyway is not work, so i wanna figure out what is wrong whit this