How to change Bones for only one animation

So I’ve been trying to add a swing sword animation I created to the sidescroller Character. The problem I encounter is that the sword goes through my character in the standard animations (i.e while running it goes through the head). While I can shift the hand position so the standard animations look better, my sword animation gets screwed up at the same time, since the hand will also be rotated for this animation. Is there a way to alter the bones for only one animation or do I have to export the animation and correct it in 3DS max? Thanks in advance

Hello. I have similar problem did you find fix for it?

Hey. To be honest I don‘t remember how or if I solved it. I think lots has changed for what you can do with animations since 4.9 so you should be able to fix that in UE. I remember exporting the animations to 3DS max actually screwed them up and the charachter would run into the floor.