How to change biomes ? ^^

Hi all !

My question is maybe “idiot” haha…but i don’t know how to change biome ^^‘’
I mean i creat a map with a redwood forest on my landscape, but now i want to change biome to create a meadow with some normal green grass, rocks etcc, so how can i do ? I mean for landscape and material editing to make this realistic ?.. :s

Do i need to create another landscape ? Or even a mix between to materials for a good layers transition ? And if yes, how can i do that ?

Thanks a lot for help :slight_smile:

Sorry for doing that, just a little msg for an up…need help here :s

I don’t really understand your question …
​​​​​​You can simply add some new materials to your landscape mat and paint it on the ground :slight_smile: in the space between the two biomes you can mix these texture or just add another texture for the mid space

For the foliage you can tell for example the specific gras to only spawn on specific textures , so that green grass spawns on the normal grass texture and the bushes etc of the redwood pack spawns only in their textures

a good example how to design the space between both is the map of gta V , If you own the game just drive with a car in the near of the desert and you can see how they designed the “transition” zone

I would suggest looking at materials used in cliffs and country side of the Vehicle Game in Learn tab of the launcher. There is some good stuff there. I recall one material that changes based on height so a dip in the road/cliff will cause it surface properties to change etc.

Thx a lot for the answers ! And sorry for late, got too busy with work… I will try it tonight or tomorrow and i will post here if i’m right or not. :slight_smile:
And nice i will take a look to GTA V and the country side of the Vehicle game !

Hm, yeah i remember my real problem now… it’s pretty basic i think but… i can’t find how to add more than one landscape material. :s