How to change back to third person movement?

I’m currently working on a personal project and I have the base third person Blueprint class. I am trying to set up an “ability” to hover in it and I am using a Line Trace and adding force to simulate hovering and using force to push the pawn around while it’s in the air. I set it up on a switch (flip/flop) to go in between the two movement option and the movement component works on the template once the player starts, and I can get the movement switched over to hovering, but switching it back to the template movement doesn’t work.

The switch works, and I can go in between modes of moving even though there is no input happening for moving, the problem is after the first switch, the template movement fails to work again. I’ll put up the base Blueprints that control the switch, and I can post any other ones as needed. I just have no idea why it’s not working.