How to change axis configuration in game?

Hi community,

I want to make my right stick on controller have 2 sets of deadzone, sensitivity, and exponent under different circumstances. When I am in my free camera, it is a set; and when I am in my aiming camera, it is another set. How can I do it? I only found it to be in project settings. And generally any suggestions on how to do controller calibration? Thanks everyone for answering!


This is one of areas that unreal is lacking. You need to code whole thing yourself, or use marketplace. But with marketplace you never know if that plugin (or blueprints) fit your project or not.

Thinking about remapping code in blueprints gives me visions of biggest Cthulhu ever. So probably this would be easier to maintain in C++.

This section changed game.ini file (or some other ini), so if you can change that ini file and reload it while game is running, theoretically you could change bindings.

I am aware of the problem now. I am doing a project in full BP so I realized the best thing I can do is change key bindings in run-time. But what I want is change axis config in run-time which seems no one publicly did that yet? Thank you for quick reply!

I am also interested in doing that. do you find a way?

If anyone needs the BP Solution, here it is: