How to change and modify a weapon?

I am currently working on a mod that adds new grenade variants to the game. I haven’t gotten very far so far ive been able to cook and upload and managed to create the engram, blueprint, and icon for my first grenade and linked them in primalgamedata. What I dont understand how to do is change the grenade. How do I alter the damage? how do I change xplosion radius, and how do I change throwing distance? I am still fairly new to using ADK so I could really use some information on how to do this!

Changing the grenade is a pretty vanilla statement.

To change the mesh: export the current grenade and open in your favorite 3d editor. (Not sure if the grenade has animations attached) If the grenade has animations, you will need to unbind the skin and rebind using your own custom mesh.

As far as the properties, they most likely will be located in the item that has the mesh. A lot of these are named with a _SM suffix (I think). You will be looking for an item with a darker blue highlight. Open that and you should find values for damage, radius, etc. If they aren’t in there, they are probably located within the damagetype that links to the grenade.

Sorry, not at the dev kit now so this may not be 100% accurate, but directional at the least! Hope this helps!!

Weapon properties are written in several places.

  1. PrimalItem BPs contain the actual item and all relevant properties (crafting, weight, stacking etc). They also reference a default weapon template (sometimes multiple, like in case of bows).

  2. The “actual” weapon is found in the same folder, usually with a Weap prefix (e.g. WeapBow).
    Here you can find: melee damage and its properties (use search function as its location varies per weapon type), projectile to spawn and its speed parameters (min and max speed, draw speed etc) for ranged weapons, structure to spawn for traps/explosives, instant damage and its parameters for firearms.

  3. The projectile files contain the damage dealt by the projectile, and the trap structure contains the damage dealt by the trap/explosives.

Finally, each damage definition also contains a DamageType. These control advanced properties like the ability to deal critical damage, increase torpor, penetrate armor etc.

  1. The damage dealt by dinos is defined in Character_BPs, and they also have their own DamageTypes.

Ah ok thank you for the response. I havnt had much time to work on modding lately but I couldnt continue with my mod until I knew how this worked so now I can finally continue thanks!