How to change Actor blueprints to Object blueprints?

In 4.9 we can create blueprint classes inheriting from Object, not only from Actor. I have over a dozen blueprints inheriting from Actor that I want to reparent to Object class, because they don’t use any of Actor class features. But there is no “Object” class in Class Settings → Parent Class dropdown menu. How can I reparent them?

I guess that is inteded, as changing to object means removal of components and lot of nodes not work. That manu is only way to reparent, so i guess only way here is to create new blueprint and copy paste.

On other hand Actor without components is not much more demanding then objects, so you could leave it in Actor, note that PlayerController as well as GameMode are also actor even thru they don’t use any components

Thanks, is there some performance/memory cost comparison when it comes to Actor vs Object? For example, I have a lot of Actor classes like “Skill”, “DialogueOption”, etc. that are spawned for every character, so there is quite a lot of them… That’s why I’m considering changing these to Object.

Changing of parent in general means a lot of nodes might no longer work. I don’t see any reason to restrict changing to Object.