How to change a string in a widget with an Actor?

I’m trying to make a widget change the text (String). the text comes from an actor, but the widget won’t, I don’t get any error and the when I cast don’t fail, so I don’t know what the problem is.

image 1 is the user widget

image 2 is the actor

You didn’t add it to the viewport…

I did, from the level blueprint, forgot to upload an image of it

Yeah, but how did you get the 55 reference to the level blueprint. Not, I think… :wink:

I createt a widget and made the reference

Yes, but you need to use this


reference when you add to viewport. Otherwise, you’re playing around with two different widgets.

Even if you called it 55, the 55 in the level BP is not the 55 in your actor.

Try putting ‘add to viewport’ in your actor, assuming you have placed a copy of the actor in the level.

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thanks, that did work


Generally speaking, no matter what you stumble across on utube, using the level bp for anything other than a couple of basic things ain’t a great idea.