How to change a mesh's default rotation?

I have a simple mesh that I am using in a blueprint, but It can be annoying to have to rotate it ninety degrees every time I drag it into a scene. Is there any way I can change the default mesh rotation or the rotation of it in the blueprint?


Old news, but if anyone else wonders:

You can just open the Blueprint editor and rotate the mesh there and it should be rotated the same when you place it into your map, but for permanently rotating the mesh, so that it’s always correct, do the following:

Double click on the mesh in the Content Browser to go into its editor, under Details if you scroll down there should be a “Import Settings” And under that there should be a “Rotation”, change the X, Y, Z values as desired (they are relative to the original mesh’s rotation).


Now go back to the Content Browser, right click on the mesh and select “Reimport”, the mesh should now be imported with the corrections you’ve made.


You can also set these settings when you first import a mesh if you already know the rotation/scale/etc is wrong.


Thanks for the reply! To this day I still hadn’t figured it out!

I dont have these import options. The asset is from the unreal marketplace and I added to project directly from the launcher. Any idea how I can change rotation in this situation?


  1. Change the import rotation the static mesh editor as descibed above.
  2. In the static mesh editor (!) in the top left corner press Reimport Base Mesh.

If you try to Reimport from the context menu, right-clicking at the asset, it will ask you for a file. You don’t want this if you have the asset from the marketplace. Therefore, press that button in the static mesh editor.

I had a similar issue with a gun from the marketplace oriented in the wrong direction when attached to right hand socket.