How to Change a Capsule inside a character Blueprint

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
i want to change the size of a capsule i use in my character Blueprint everytime the player enter and exit a trigger volume… to archive that i created two variables that should help tell the capsule what to do…


But somehow it doesnt work and i have no clue why, i hope someone can help me and explain where i went wrong :slight_smile:

Hello tuneful, why do you say it’s not working? Keep in mind that you can’t really set the half-height of a capsule to less than its radius – doing so basically turns it into a sphere and not a squished capsule.

I would recommend changing the capsule size in response to the overlap events instead of during tick. Something like this

I hope this is helpful.

Hi Alderbit, thanks for your help but i have two problems,
for testing i replaced the trigger event with a input event inside character blueprint (i deleted the branches too) and the thing startet to work… i guess the main problem is that my variable doesnt work

i uploaded a example in which i tried to toggle the visibility of the Mesh1P mesh everytime i enter and exit the trigger box in the tiled area, that doesnt work either and i would need the ability to comunicate between blueprints quite often.

the second problem is that i can´t recreat your solution, i dont have the “Cast To MyCharacter” node, it would be great if you could tell me how to add it :slight_smile:

thanks :smiley:

A CastTo node lets you ‘cast’ an object to a more specific type. In the above example, MyCharacter is the name of my character’s blueprint class. Casting lets you access variables defined by that class, such as a character’s capsule or mesh components.

To get the CastTo node, start dragging a wire out from the ‘Other Actor’ pin of the trigger and start typing ‘cast’ into the search box, then select the type of class that you want to cast to (ie your character class).


I created the blueprint below in your example map’s level blueprint and it works to hide and show the character’s mesh.

I prefer this method over passing variables between blueprints because to me it’s simpler with less things to keep track of.

If you do use variables you only need one boolean to track the on/off state of something.

I hope this all makes sense, let me know if you are still having problems.

Hi Alderbit,
thanks for your help, i already used your method a few times but i still need to know why my variables dont work?
Thanks :smiley:

How are you referencing the level blueprint variables from within your character blueprint?