How to change a boolean variable from another bp?

Hello everyone.
I have a blueprint that i put in the level. Let’s call this BP: “X_BP”.
I put 2 of him.
In this blueprint I have a boolean with false value. Let’s call him “Dans Laboite”.
When i walk on a collision box that “Dans Laboite” boolean from X_BP1 become True (Only “Dans Laboite” boolean from X_BP1 become true because i reference it corretly).
Now, i want to set all X_BP’s (X_BP1 and X_BP2) “Dans Laboite” boolean to false with another BP.
So i have to do a “cast to” but with this method i can only change one by one.
I want to change every X_BP.
So i try to do “get actor of class” node.
In this node i put X_BP ant get the “Dans Laboite” boolean and make it false when i walk to another collision.
But it dosn’t work ! None’s “Dans Laboite” boolean become false !
What do i have to do?
PS: I don’t wanna use the “on component end overlap” fonction of my collision box’s.

X_BP :


My other BP :

When i start game:


When i activate the boolean:


When i try do desactivate the boolean:


To set all the all BP_X bools to false

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Thank you very much :smiley: