How to change 2d PaperCharacter rotation axis?


I am trying to create a simple 2d top down character that can rotate left or right. When creating the paper character blueprint and adding source flipbook to it then Z axis is by default the one i needed to use. So after creating a simple blueprint to increase or decrease Z axis based on input I thought it should work just to find out something funny happening when Z reached above 90 or below -90.

After a bit of googling I found a new educational concept for myself named gimbal lock. So now I understand why this is happening.

While searching for a solution I saw a couple of people mention that they just changed the axis to rotate around. So as I understand if i could make the X axis the one going through the top of the character when looking down on him, then i could use it to rotate left and right as much as I want as it does not have this 90 degree restriction.

Howerever I am unable to figure out how to change this axis. Any ideas on how to do it?

Also added an image of my current character where it is visible that Z axis is currently the one going through him: