How to cast variables from different levels?

I have a variable in blueprint and i want to use it in level blueprint of another level. When i drag a wire from target and turn on context sensitive i have cast to ,blueprint from another level name˝, but what should i connect to object of casting?

Some screenshots of your BPs would help us help you diagnose the problem.

Your problem is difficult to visualize without additional information.

You can use a savegame to pass values around if you need to keep them permenantly or you can use your game mode/ game instance blueprints to keep values between levels.

The GameMode is not persistent between level changes. But yes, he could use the GameInstance class, which persists through all level changes.

Sorry everyone for late response i did nnot have internet these days. Here are some screenshots.
I have two arrays ,Tim1˝ and ,Tim2˝ in widget blueprint on first level and i want to use them in level blueprint of second level. So what should i exactly do?

Game instance done the job. Thank you all. :wink: