How to cast to Another Actor blueprint? what object i need to use?

Hey all i wanna to another actor blueprint, how ever i don’t know what object should i use as reference can some1 helpe me ?

This is impossible to answer at the moment as we do not know what you’re doing here.

Can you describe what you’re trying to achieve?

How did you create the instance of the object Projectile_Base; a reference to which you want to obtain?

I’m trying to access the Projectile_Base blueprint so i can grab the transform value of one of its components and use it in this Weapon_Base blueprint…
However whatever object(wildcard) i do socket in this node the editor gives error that it can’t read the property. I just need a way to cast to an actor class

you need a reference to a instance of the projectile_base, that is to say you need a reference to one that exists in the world. a cast basically is just a way to identify things, its a comparitor, it asks is the object in like the class that im looking for. to get the reference you will need to use something like a variable that gets set, a trace of some sort, a get all actors, a overlap, or some other method that can identify the one specific actor that you want. but without knowing more about your scripts, the way they work, and the context its hard to say which exact method to use.