How to cast from existing input like keyboard keys to a not existing input like webcam?

Hello everybody, my project depends on playing the webcam inside unreal and controlling the whole game via my arm movement.
The problem here is that the webcam is not listed as input in unreal, is there anyway to cast the functions that happen when i press any key to the camera?
so when i press a known key i.e “f” then the webcam is played and then get the yaw,roll, and pitch from it?

Hello there :slight_smile:

I’ve never done what you’re asking for, but I feel like I have a hint about it.

It looks like the same thing than adapting your Playstation Gamepad to work with a XBox game. I think you’re looking for a software that emulates the input of your webcam and translates them into understandable input for Unreal 4.

That’s only my two cents, I think you’ll find better hints than mine out there.

Many thanks i will search for some software like that.