How to cast a value of a slider from a widget blueprint to another widget blueprint

Hello everyone as you can see from the title, I want to know how to get a slider value from the widget it’s located in and cast it into another widget blueprint. If you want to know what exactly I’m doing, I’m trying to change the size of everyone actor located in Eximenupart6 at the same time with a slider from Eximenupart5. Here’s what I have so far. This is from the ExiMenu5. I get the value of the slider from Map ranged Clamped and set that as the value using the set node.

Then on Eximenupart6
I tried to cast the value of the slider from Eximenupart 5 into Eximenupart 6 and it doesn’t seem to work the slider doesn’t seem to change the size of the actors on Eximenupart6, but it works perfectly fine on Eximenupart5. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. If I can get any help on this that would be amazing.