How to carry booleans between levels?

Hello guys, i have a little question

So i have a character (let’s call it FPCHARACTER) , and in level1, i pick up a key, for a door what is in level2. so i thought about if i pick up the key, i set a boolean in FPCHARACTER called HavingKey1 to true.
that sound good trough, but when i go to level 2, the HavingKey1 is false. how should i make it stay true?

if you don’t understand my question please e-mail me at, thanks.

If you know the answer please share it with me

You might want to look into the Game Instance:,_Custom_Game_Instance_For_Inter-Level_Persistent_Data_Storage

It’s specifically intended for carrying variables / data between levels.

well, now in blueprints, I made the KeyInstance, set up a boolean called Player has key1. in the FPCHAR when i picked up the key, i casted to the instance, and set player has key 1 to true. but now in the casting, the casting always fails. (object=get game instance)

sorry, i can’t explain it any better :frowning:

okay, i set the default game instance into mine, and it works now, THANKS! :slight_smile: