How to capture Audio from Speaker for Oculus Quest 2 (Android) ?

I try to build an audio visualizer for an Occulus Quest 2 which can react to the audio coming out from the Browser i.e. speaker. I manage to capture the Audio from the mic but the sound is very low quality. My goal is to capture the Audio from the speaker and redirect it to a submix.

Here is what I try:

  1. Oboe C++ Audio Lib for Android:
    There is the Audio Oboe lib for C++ that may work but I’m not sure how can I pipe this into a submix or how to read the buffer stream to make it works. The solution may be to wrap the Oboe lib into a .dll and include it in the project but not sure that is the best way.

  2. Windows Audio Capture Plugin:
    I try the WAC ( but I think it will work only for Windows Audio devices.

  3. Audio Capture and Voice Chat Pro
    I manage to get it work with the plugin Cross-Platform Voice Chat Pro and an Audio Capture for the mic. I look at how to change the device source of the Audio Capture but it seems to only be possible to capture from the mic.

Does anyone have an idea of how to do that?