How to Cap Framerate (30fps or 60fps for example)?

Is it possible to cap the frame rate some how? The “fixed frame rate” doesn’t seem to have any effect. The engine floats between 30fps and 140fps regardless of what the “fixed frame rate” is set to.


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I think it should work with this console command: t.MaxFPS 30 :slight_smile:

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hmm doesn’t seem to have any effect. typed “t.MaxFPS 30” into command line and still looking at 100+ fps

I tried “t.MaxFPS 10” to see if it capped it at 10 and I am looking at 160 fps right now

I got it to work, smoothing frame rate must be selected for the frame rate console command to do anything. If fixed frame rate is selected the console command doesn’t do anything for some reason (nor does the frame rate actually fix at what it is supposed to).

Thanks for info !